Theater-Style Auditorium Church Chair by Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating.

Marquee Church Chair by Bertolini Sanctuary Seating


The Marquee was the fi rst auditorium style chair with a true ergonomic design. Lumbar support is achieved with a formed compound curve inner back panel to create long-lasting comfort that will not deteriorate over time.

Built and Sourced Locally in the USA

Quality built in the USA for a chair that lasts longer and needs replacing less often; locally sourced with components such as recyclable USA steel.

Rock Solid Durability with High Grade Componentry

Metal-to-metal fastening technology and top-quality componentry for rock solid durability.

Unmatched Comfort

The thoughtfully tailored back cushioning acts in perfect concert with seat cushioning to create long-lasting comfort.


Over 50 standard fabrics and hundreds of designer fabrics to choose from. C.O.M. fabrics are usable upon approval.

Extensive Internal and Independent Testing

Exceeds all BIFMA standards.

Features include:

Marquee Options:

Maximum ROI for Your Facility

We've brought together the industry's strongest frame, zero maintenance seat and longest warranty to provide you with maximum return on investment.


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